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Don’t find an audience.

Let your audience find you.

Crafting Solutions for Organizations and Consumers

There can never be a generic way of making your organization’s presence in the Web – solutions have to be carefully crafted according to how you need it, how you want it, and how you want your results to be. While others simply create websites, Zima Projekt specifically crafts solutions that are tailor-made for our clients. We are more than just a web development company in the Philippines – we are Zima Projekt.

What the deal with Zima is

In today’s evolving world, a website says a lot about who, what, and how you package yourself or your company. It serves as your first impression to everyone who sees and looks for you. Zima Projekt does not believe that there is a single solution to every problem, just like how we believe that there is no generic formula for a beautiful and functioning website that addresses everyone’s needs.

What Zima Projekt is

Zima Projekt is not just your typical web development company in the Philippines. We offer technology solutions for crafting tailor-made websites.

We are also the same team behind Zima Enterprises, our retail arm, offering great items for new moms, babies, kids, toddlers and soon, even items that will excite geeks like us! 

What Zima means

Zima (pronounced as Zhee-Ma) means “winter” in Polish. Our birth months, including that of our daughter’s, are considered winter months in Europe. The Polish language, on the other hand, is because of how close we are to the country and its culture, so we chose a name that is close to our hearts.

The People Behind Zima Projekt and Zima Enterprises

Zima Projekt and Zima Enterprises are the brainchildren of a husband-wife team based in the Philippines, with over two decades of combined experience in Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Creative Design & Content.

He has worked as a programmer, a graphics artist, a project manager and as an operations manager for several organizations involved in web development and digital advertising. He has handled, supervised and managed numerous website developments and digital media campaigns for well-known global brands and organizations for nearly two decades, working for dozens of local and international companies.

She is a multilingual, licensed lawyer in the Philippines and has a communications degree, who has helped produce quality content for various websites of different niches for local and foreign clients. She is also into social media marketing and has found success in e-commerce for over a decade.

Together, they combine their expertise to create tailor-made solutions for their clients’ needs – whether it’s a simple brochure website, or an extensive redesign of a media-heavy website.

Let’s start crafting tailor-made solutions for you.